Removal – Non laser tattoo removal

Non-laser tattoo removal is a safe and a more gentle alternative to the more traditional invasive laser treatments and delivers good results.

If you are unhappy with your permanent make up/micro blading this is a perfect solution for you.

We are increasingly seeing more clients who have been disfigured by untrained or badly trained technicians. The growth in popularity of eyebrow tattooing has increased enormously in the past years but unfortunately with that also comes the increase of badly done treatments.

Whether you want to remove completely or maybe lighten enough to have corrected then this could be the ideal treatment. The removal solution works on all colours. This method is less painful than laser removal and often less treatments. Results depend on the pigment used, the age and the depth the original pigment was implanted. The newer the tattoo, the easier it is to remove . The risk of scarring is also minimal.

Non laser tattoo removal process is much the same as getting a tattoo. The saline solution is implanted into the skin the same way as the colour was tattooed in. And as the area dries out, the pigment will dry out too, lifting and removing the pigment during the skins natural healing process. Skin will start to dry out within the first few hours and surprisingly tattoos can look better during healing.

Most clients will see improvements after two or three sessions .