Lipliner, lip blush and full lip colour

Enhance your natural lips with semi-permanent treatments designed to give full natural looking defined lips. We can add volume, definition, shape and colour to your lips and at the same time keeping a very natural look.

Balancing the lips and correcting the imperfections, the size , shape and colour of the lips can be enhanced giving you the full lip that you always dream of. As we age… lips loose volume and definition, become paler – semi permanent make up restores this beautifully , defining the contour of your lips.

Lipliner is an excellent way to enhance the lips, creating volume and symmetry, by redefining the outline of the mouth. A subtle lip blush shading helps give your lips the illusion of volume, softening the colour into the lip.

Alison can create a beautiful shaded blush effect using soft natural shades.

Full lip colour can be applied to the entire lip, naturally enhancing your own lip colour, leaving only the need to apply lipgloss to complete this beautiful look.

This procedure transform your lips by adding definition and volume creating a more youthful appearance.