Medical Tattooing

Semipermanent make up is widely known to achieve beautiful brows, eyeliners and lip liners but there are also a huge range of uses to help people medically. We work a lot with people affected by alopecia, patients about to start chemotherapy and following breast surgery we can create Areola and camouflage any scars … Cosmetic tattooing is a great solution for creating very natural eyebrows and eyeliners . Alopecia is a disorder affecting men and women resulting in hair loss so therefore a confidence boost of waking up with eyebrows in place and eyes defined makes a difference. Pre-chemotherapy we can create brows and lash lines. Most oncologists and MacMillan nurses endorse this treatment as a confidence boosting look good/feelgood factor before treatments begin . Following breast work we can use permanent make up as a final step to help restore the aesthetic appearance to the breast after reconstruction. The effects are very natural and give a three-dimensional look, with colour matching to the patient’s remaining or original Areola . A Very in-depth consultation is always done beforehand.

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